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With the Virtual Catalog, make it easier for researchers
to access and search your specimen collections

Promote biobank specimen collections to contribute effectively
to research, therapeutic innovation and precision medicine.



Online catalog
A secured Web portal : Publish anonymized specimen collections online, increase your biobank visibility and notoriety, and thus make the transfer of specimens easier. The multicriteria search tool of the virtual catalog, together with TDBioBank's  bioclinical annotations, enable researchers to target precisely the specimens sought through the virtual catalog.
Data completeness
Leverage the great benefits of TDBioBank's feature-rich bioclinical annotations to enhance your collections and define numerous search criteria (clinical history, genetics and omics data ...). Chose the desired level of information and publish everything or part of the bioclinical annotations.
Quality and traceability
The Virtual Catalog ensures a secure transfer process and complies with regulatory requirements: publish only compliant specimens that can be transfered, and benefit from full traceability from demand to transfer, including the review and approval of the ethics and scientific committees.





There is as much value in your tanks as in your data,
so take the same care of your data as you do your biological specimens.

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Press Release

TECHNIDATA announces the launch of a major feature of its TDBioBank software solution. The goal: Make it easier for researchers to access biological specimens thanks to the Virtual Catalog. This new module enables biobanks to publish their collections  of  transferable  biological specimens online, gain visibility and foster international scientific collaboration.

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