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Ergonomics, autonomy, simplicity

Advanced ergonomics make it easy, so that biobank and biorepository users need only minimal training for maximum autonomy


An intuitive interface
TDBioBank helps users with everyday tasks in a biorepository, such as entering data with action groups, viewing the pedigree charts of a patient’s genetic history, creating catalogs easily, checking the data quality before importing it, or running queries without any computer skills.
Quick and easy deployment
Because TDBioBank uses Web technologies, it can be deployed easily and quickly, reducing installation and maintenance costs.
Because TDBioBank uses standard communication protocols (HL7, XML) and standard connection interfaces with hospital and laboratory information systems, TDBioBank is easy to integrate into existing organizations.



Storage location management with TDBioBank

Storage location management with TDBioBank




Pedigree charts, a simple and easy way to view data about patients and their family.

Running queries and exporting results.




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Press Release

TECHNIDATA announces the launch of a major feature of its TDBioBank software solution. The goal: Make it easier for researchers to access biological specimens thanks to the Virtual Catalog. This new module enables biobanks to publish their collections  of  transferable  biological specimens online, gain visibility and foster international scientific collaboration.

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