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Adding value to collections with
bioclinical annotation forms

An essential step



Maximizing the value of your collections
In addition to the annotations feature, the Customized Form Designer adds value to collections by enabling users to enter advanced bioclinical data to annotations. History and family dimensions can be linked to patients, and bioclinical annotations can be added to biological specimens.
Easy to use
The intuitive user interface makes it easy to define bioclinical annotation forms. The request tool re-uses existing forms and advanced search criteria to simplify searches and save time.
A solution tailored to your needs
The wide variety of data types and criteria for annotation forms enable you to tailor your annotation forms to your specific needs and to make the most of your resources. An asset to make the most of specimens, simplify the creation of inter-biorepository catalogs, and promote scientific collaboration.  



Add value to collections with TDBioBank bioclinical annotation forms




The bioclinical annotation forms




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TECHNIDATA announces the launch of a major feature of its TDBioBank software solution. The goal: Make it easier for researchers to access biological specimens thanks to the Virtual Catalog. This new module enables biobanks to publish their collections  of  transferable  biological specimens online, gain visibility and foster international scientific collaboration.

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